CET Introduces Innovative Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades

CET Introduces Innovative Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades

CET Group, a leading innovator and compatible products manufacturer in OA imaging industry, is proud to announce a significant advancement in drum cleaning technology with the launch of its new, breakthrough Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades. Designed to meet the evolving needs of high-resolution printing and high-speed color imaging machines, these innovative blades are set to redefine drum cleaning performance across the industry.


Raising the Bar in Drum Cleaning

The development of finer toner particles has led to significant improvements in printing resolution, driving the demand for more effective drum cleaning solutions. Modern printer and copier machines are now achieving speeds of 75+ pages per minute (PPM), requiring drum cleaning blades that can operate seamlessly with new, longer-life 30mm diameter OPC drums. Double-layer cleaning blades have emerged as the solution of choice for many OEM machines, and CET is at the forefront of this transformative technology.

CET’s Dedication to Innovation

CET’s journey to develop double-layer drum Cleaning Blades began with a team of experts in polymer technologies. This dedicated team meticulously researched and developed a new manufacturing process, encompassing material analysis, formulation, and production. The result is an exceptional double-layer cleaning blade capable of delivering an impressive yield of 300,000+ pages.

Key Characteristics of CET’s Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades

Double-Layer Design: These blades feature two distinct layers—a softer, compliant layer and a firmer, more rigid layer. The softer layer contacts the drum surface and ensures effective removal of the toner particles, while the firmer layer provides critical support and stability to the blade, ensuring consistent cleaning performance over the life of the product.

Double vs. Single Layer Blades: Elevating Printer and Copier Machines Performance

The choice between single-layer and double-layer drum cleaning blades can significantly impact the maintenance and performance of the printers and copiers. The key differences that highlight the advantages of double-layer blades include:

  • Raw Material Selection: Double-layer blades utilize two distinct layers, offering a broader range of material options to optimize drum performance.
  • Tailored Product Designs: CET can fine-tune each blade width and formulation to create a diverse range of optimized products suitable for various drum applications, enhancing adaptability and customization.

Benefits That Redefine Printing Efficiency

  1. Precision Toner Application: The double-layer design enhances more precise toner application, resulting in sharper and more vibrant print quality.
  2. Extended Drum Life: By reducing wear and tear on the drum, CET’s double-layer blades contribute to longer drum life, minimizing premature failures and the need for costly replacements.
  3. Low Maintenance: With improved cleaning performance, maintenance requirements are reduced, leading to increased uptime and productivity.
  4. Reduced Drum Scratches: The softer layer of the blade minimizes the risk of scratches on the drum surface, preserving print quality and drum integrity.
  5. Enhanced Image Detail: The improved performance of CET’s innovative double layer blades better enables enhanced image detail, making them an ideal choice for high-resolution printing and color imaging applications.

Versatile Compatibility and Future Innovations

CET understands the diverse needs of its customers and its Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades are designed to be compatible with a wide range of machines and models.

In addition to this groundbreaking product, CET is proud to announce its upcoming offerings: drum units and drum unit rebuild kits equipped with the same cutting-edge technologies. These new products will further revolutionize the industry by providing comprehensive solutions for drum maintenance and longevity.

CET’s Commitment to Excellence

“We are excited to introduce our Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades to the market,” said Hank He, Production Director at CET Group. “Our team’s dedication to research and development has resulted in a product that addresses the evolving needs of the industry, providing our customers with superior drum cleaning performance, extended drum life, and ultimately, a better printing experience.”

Discover the Future of Drum Cleaning

CET’s Double Layer Drum Cleaning Blades are now available, with the initial products launch including models compatible for various machines such as Konica Minolta C368, C450i (Mono and Color), Canon C5560, C5030, C3320, and more. Customers can learn more about this groundbreaking product by visiting our website at www.cetgroupco.com or by contacting our sales team at sales@cegroupco.com.

About CET Group

CET Group, registered in Beijing, China in 1996, has been a driving force in the OA industry for over 27 years. Specializing in the development and manufacture of compatible spare parts and consumables, the company’s dedication to innovation, product quality, and global support has earned it recognition and trust on a global scale. With an extensive network of branches and distributors, CET Group continues to shape the industry and set new standards for excellence.




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