Caught Out Sharing Fake News… Again

Despite declaring it is only a “big rumor,” TonerNews has decided to falsely report that executives of a leading Chinese imaging supplies company have been jailed for fraud. It’s not the first time the publisher has been caught out intentionally trying to mislead the industry.
Publisher Jim Ladd, who actually uses a fake name, told RT Media it is his right to free speech that permits him to publish anything he wishes to share. It does not have to be true, nor does it have to be verified.

Herve Milner, his real name, went on the attack again this week publishing an untrue story onTonerNews about Ninestar executives being arrested by the Chinese government. He wrote, “Apparently 2 top Ninestar executives are sitting in a Chinese jail For embezzling Company funds.” (as reported including spelling and grammatical errors)

“We are shocked!” a senior Ninestar executive told RT Media. “The story has been totally made up. It’s fake news. There is no executive named Jianqiao Chen (Edward Chen) or Jing Jiang (Jean Chen) at Ninestar or related to Ninestar in any way.”

Ninestar also commented there is no record of any Mr Ladd/Milner or anyone fromTonerNews ever contacting Ninestar for comment despite him writing, “the remaining directors cannot comment on this due that this is an on going investigation by the Chinese Government at the highest level.” (as reported including spelling and grammatical errors)

This is not the first time theTonerNews website has been used to publish fake news. Many other companies and individuals have been targeted and affected in the past as well.

“Ordinarily, we would choose to ignore such poor quality reporting,” the Ninestar spokesperson told RT Media. “However, in the interests of our partners, clients and shareholders we want to clarify the truth. Anyone is welcome to contact us to discuss the matter further if they wish.”

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