Cartridge World Predicts High IJ Print Cost Despite Possible Legislation

During an interview on Fox Business, Bill Swanson, Cartridge World North America’s CEO, discussed the high cost of ink and “how Cartridge World offers 30% savings to small businesses and consumers, as well as other tips on how to save ink”.

As was reported by The Recycler, Swanson said inkjet ink is expensive because manufacturers want it to be. On the question about the New Jersey legislation, which was signed into law by senators in early January and defied by Governor Chris Christie, Swanson stated that it would give a new elaboration on the pricing issues in the industry. He noted that by using remanufactured consumables, consumers can save money throughout the lifetime of the printer.

He added, Cartridge World predicts high prices even with legislation. When asked about Cartridge World’s remanufactured products and the quality, he suggested consumers come to their stores to see the quality.

With respect to how to use less ink, Swanson noted that tools are available to save on printing costs, including links to the tools available in stores, which can be found on Cartridge World’s website:

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