Cartridge World Franchisee and 9/11 Survivor Reopens Business in World Trade Center

Cartridge World’s master Franchisee Greg Carafello, a former world trade center tenant and 9/11 survivor, reopened his office on the 85th floor of The World Trade Center on the 1st of May. By daring to return he has proved to be the first former business tenant whom is resilient to the tragedy.

Carafello used to run a small color printing business out of the south tower of the World Trade Center. He lost all of his functions during the attack, and moved his operations to New Jersey just within a few days after the shock, continuing his printing business there until 2004. Later that year, he started his new venture as a franchisee for Cartridge World, the leading franchisor in the office industry. Within 13 years, he became a Master Franchisee for Cartridge World and successfully spread his one-store operation to 58 locations in 4 states.

Now, he has inked a deal for a new office at the One World Trade Center. Carafello said the following in regards to his move back into the Trade Center: “The reopening of One World Trade Center shows the perseverance of our great city, and moving our operations back into the building marks a very special day for us,” “I am thrilled to be back in the World Trade Center; Cartridge World will flourish in this environment. The business energy is unlike anything I have ever felt.”

He added, “The office superstores sell printing products. Cartridge World is one-stop-shop to help businesses find the right printing solutions. This includes everything from installing and maintaining printers to delivering cartridges and supplies. We are laser-focused on delivering solutions that save time and money.”
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