Canopy Green Printer Report on Forest Conservation Receives Warm Welcome

On June 17, 2013, Canopy, a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, released North America’s 2013 Green Print Leadership Report, a resource to help businesses meet corporate sustainability goals. The ground-breaking report profiles North American print leaders engaging in procurement policy development, forest conservation initiatives and voluntary sustainability reporting.

Canopy print campaigner Neva Murtha stated that 36 companies covering 250 North American printing plants took part in the survey, and while 92 percent have sustainability policies only 15 of those were available to the public—a vital factor for customers assessing the merits of respective policies.

“Printers play a key role in the supply chain and can make a significant contribution to protecting the world’s remaining forests,” said Murtha. “Canopy is committed to collaborating with printers to do just that—by working with them on strong forest conservation policy development, implementation and transparent reporting.”

Three of North America’s five largest printing companies, including RR Donnelly and TC Transcontinental, participated in the comprehensive survey.  Fourteen of the participating companies have developed procurement policies with Canopy which put them on a solid path towards enhanced forest conservation measures.

The Report is being welcomed by large-scale paper consumers and print services. Sprint, a global provider of voice, data and Internet services, updated their paper and print procurement policy with Canopy, is looking forward to reviewing the results.

Print campaigner with Canopy, Marcus Ginder said, “We’ve been very pleased by the response to Canopy’s survey and especially with the growing number of printers showing an increasing level of conservation leadership.”

Kathleen Baker, Chairperson of Sprint’s Paper Leadership Council, said, “As a major print customer with a robust paper purchasing policy, Sprint is committed to working with printers that meet our goals to help us reduce the footprint in the forest. The forest conservation work Canopy advocates is well aligned with our vision.”

Canopy’s North America’s 2013 Green Print Leadership Report will be circulated to business leaders like Random House, Time, Scholastic, Sprint and numerous other existing and potential customers, including Canopy’s 700+ signatory companies and those with a stated interest in forest conservation.

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