Canon Virginia Plans to Diversify

Canon Virginia is a $30-billion-a-year business which has served as the manufacturing, engineering, recycling and technical support center in the Americas region for nearly 30 years. The firm also operates Canon Environmental Technologies Inc. in Gloucester.

But it is becoming more than just manufacturing.

Canon Virginia announced it is planning to market its expertise in automating production lines, recycling and making complicated shapes from plastics to other businesses. Besides, it says it needs employees who can use the latest technology, reported

And while diversifying its portfolio, the firm will start to work on its new $100 million printer cartridge production lines, which will call for increasing its toner manufacturing and filling division at the plant.

Toru Nishizawa, President and CEO of Canon Virginia, said the company is developing new business strategies to maintain and grow its Newport News and Gloucester facilities. He said Canon is becoming more than just manufacturing. “We started out as manufacturing. But we wanted to diversify and grow … and transition and answer the demand from the community, and turn it into something more valuable.”

Ron Briggs, Senior Vice President of Canon Virginia, stated that having been one of its most efficient facilities, the company is becoming highly responsive to the needs of its customers.


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