Canon Unveils New Pixma Social Printers

Canon unveils new Pixma social printers for Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter printing right from the printer’s screen.

Canon’s newly unveiled inkjet printers caught our eye today. Namely the Pixma MG5550, MG6450 and MG7150. Not because of their fine ink tech that prints quickly and accurately, but because of a complimentary cloud platform app called Pixma Printing Solutions (PPS).

PPS, using cloud smarts, will let you print from your iPhone or Android mobile app anywhere in the world. That means you can print snaps or docs from the likes of Picasa, Flickr, Dropbox, Evernote plus Facebook and Twitter. You can even change print settings, paper size and check ink status remotely.

Another nice touch is the ability to pair multiple devices. So, for example, you could be paired to your parents’ printer and instantly print photos of your holiday to them.

If you don’t want to use your phone the TFT screen with Pixma Cloud Link lets you navigate the cloud to access all your photos and documents so you can immediately print them – without ever turning on your computer or picking up your phone.

The Pixma MG5550, MG6450 and MG7150 are available in the UK & Ireland from October 2013 for £110, £140, and £180 respectively.

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