Canon Starts Up New Recycling Plant in Ibaraki

Canon’s new recycling plant in Ibaraki is now onstream. The facility features a printer toner and ink cartridge reprocessing system for which the OEM has invested ¥60 billion Japanese yen (US$482.52 million) according to

The new system will help Canon achieve a 50% increase in throughput compared to its previous facilities. Hence, Canon will be able to extract up to 3,000 metric tonnes per year of reusable materials from business-related equipment and 150 tonnes from home-use equipment.

Canon added the plant will work on cartridge recycling processes, including pulverizing the cartridges, extracting any iron, aluminum and other impurities, leaving granules of polystyrene resin for reuse in the production of new cartridges at Canon’s factories in Ibaraki.

The new plant is located in Canon’s subsidiary firm Canon Ecology Industry Inc., which was established in 2004 in Ibaraki for increasing resource productivity.

As reported, Canon Ecology Industry supports the Canon Group’s published Environmental Assurance Philosophy and conducts two key activities, including reusing or recycling components and materials from its imaging technology products.


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