Canon Settles with J&H Greentech and Trading Ltd.

Originally published at Canon.

Canon announces conclusion of dispute with J&H Greentech and Trading Ltd.

Canon Inc. and J&H as well as its managing director agreed to resolve their pending patent dispute by signing a settlement agreement. After filing a complaint with the District Court Dusseldorf (docket no. 4c O 51/18) based on the alleged infringement of the German portion of Canon’s European Patent EP 1 977 289 B1, Canon and J&H entered into a settlement agreement according to which J&H inter alia has to refrain from distribution of cartridges making use of claim 1 in combination with claim 2 of EP 1 977 289 B1 with respect to all countries in which said patent is validated and in force. Furthermore, J&H has agreed to pay damages for past infringements to Canon. Further details of the settlement agreement are confidential.

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