Canon Settles with Doree Supplies in Germany

Canon Settles with Doree Supplies in Germany

Canon Settles with Doree Supplies in Germany

Canon Settles with Doree Supplies in GermanyCanon Inc. (Canon) and Doree Supplies B. V. have agreed to resolve their pending patent dispute by signing a settlement agreement.

Doree Supplies, trading as “AppleToner,” and its managing director have accepted a preliminary injunction (docket no. 4a O 95/18) from the District Court Düsseldorf based on the infringement of the German portion of Canon’s European Patent EP 2 087 407 B1 as final and binding between the parties.

Furthermore, Doree Supplies B. V. and its managing director have agreed to refrain from making, offering, putting into circulation and/or importing and/or possessing laser toner cartridges comprising a drum unit with a certain coupling member for use in various models of HP and/or Canon laser beam printers in all countries where EP 2 087 407 B1 is valid and in force and to pay damages for past infringement to Canon.

Further details of the settlement agreement have been kept confidential.

Previous Cases

Canon entered into a settlement agreement with Globest Trading Inc., and Globest’s parent company, Internet Brand Development HK Limited (IBD).

It is said that all parties were able to amicably resolve a pending lawsuit between Canon and Globest in the Central District of California.

The lawsuit involved the compatible versions of Globest’s toner cartridge models CF210X, CF211A, CF212A, CF213A, CB540A, CB541A, CB542A, CB543A, CE320A, CE321A, CE322A, CE323A, CRG-116, CRG-131H, CE410X, CE411A, CE412A, CE413A, CF380X, CF381A, CF382A, CF383A, CC530A, CC531A, CC532A, CC533A, CRG-118, PTCF210A, PTCF211A, PTCF212A, and PTCF213A, which are compatible with Canon toner cartridge models 116, 118, 131, and 131II and HP toner cartridge models 125A, 128A, 131A, 131X, 304A, 305A, 305X, 312A, and 312X, and seven patents that Canon alleged were infringed.

Globest disputed Canon’s claim and filed a counterclaim for invalidity, which Canon denied.



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