Canon Resolves Patent Infringement Dispute

Canon and PPC Solutions Ltd in the UK have reached an out-of-court resolution of disputes over PPC Solution’s alleged patent infringement concerning certain toner bottle products sold for use in Canon copy machines. As a result of the resolution, PPC Solutions has agreed to cease making, disposing of, offering to dispose of, using or importing, or keeping the toner bottle products that Canon has alleged infringe its patent, within the United Kingdom and France, including the following product codes: PPC000259, PPC000260, PPC000261, PPC000262, PPC000311, PPC000312, PPC000313, PPC000314, PPC000315, PPC000316, PPC000317, PPC000318, PPC000330, PPC000331, PPC000341, PPC000342, PPC00347A, PPC000362, PPC000363, PPC000405, PPC000410.

Photizo’s View

Canon’s success rate with patent infringement lawsuits against aftermarket supplies companies is impressive, and the resolution with PPC Solutions is just the latest in a long string of victories. Declining page volumes provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with extra incentive to protect the intellectual property of their ink and toner supplies, as their ability to safeguard this shrinking revenue and profit pool is critical to their future.

(Source: Photizo)

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