Canon Intros New Channel Program in Bahrain

Canon has launched a new channel program to enhance its printer sales and strengthen its presence in Bahrain.

The OEM says the channel partner program is designed to boost business in the IT channel and to recognize the contribution of its key players and team members.

Hendrik Verbrugghe, marketing director at Canon Middle East, said, “Canon is a leader in the imaging and business solutions category in terms of technology, performance and range. This success has been built on many factors, including our product range, the service we offer and most importantly our ongoing program for the development of channel partners and dealers in Bahrain.”

Dinesh Ramankutty, general manager at Intercol, one of the authorized distributors of Canon printers in Bahrain, added, “Canon has always been committed to developing its channel relations in Bahrain and incentive programmes to work closely with our channel partners. Our channel partners are invaluable in fuelling growth and combined with Canon’s robust channel support, incentives and marketing programmes, we are creating a rewarding relationship between the vendor and channels. We look forward to achieving greater success with this initiative.”

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