Remanufacturing Guide: Brother Hl L8350 Series Toner Cartridges

The Brother HL-L8350 printer engine is based on a new 32 ppm black and color, 2400 x 600 DPI color LED engine. The machines come standard with 128Mb expandable to 384Mb of memory, and all run off a 400 MHz processor. All models come standard with duplex built in and some have wireless interfaces. With print speeds of up to 32ppm and street pricing starting at $349.00, these machines have become very popular.

The toner cartridges do not have a reset chip on them, but do have a reset gear that must be positioned properly for the machine to accept it as a new cartridge. The proper reset position of the gear will be covered later in this instruction. The gears themselves can be a bit confusing as there are different configurations worldwide. Basically it comes down to this. For STD yield cartridges (1.5 or 2.5K) color or black use a White reset gear. For High Yield cartridges (3.5 or 4k) color or black use a Gray reset gear. Extra High Yield cartridges (6k) color or black use a Black reset gear. All three gears are slightly different. Starter cartridges do not come with a reset gear. Any starter cartridge can be converted to a STD, HY or EHY cartridge. In different areas of the world different yields are available so there is not a separate color reset gear nor a separate black reset gear. Below is a chart of which cartridges are used in what location, the part numbers and yield. The gear that should be used for each is indicated by the yield.

North, South, Central, America Region (USA
SY = TN331 C/M/Y (1,500pages)
SY = TN331 BK (2,500 pages)
HY = TN336 BK/C/M/Y (4,000 pages)
EHY = TN339 BK/C/M/Y (6,000 pages) (HL-L9200 only)

European Region (UK
SY = TN321 BK (2,500 pages)
SY = TN321 C/M/Y (1,500pages)
HY = TN326 BK (4,000 pages)
HY = TN326 C/M/Y (3,500 pages)
EHY = TN329 BK/C/M/Y (6,000 pages)

Asia, Oceania Region (HK
SY = TN351 BK/ C/M/Y (1,500 pages)
HY = TN359 BK/C/M/Y (6,000 pages)

Asia, Oceania Region (Australia
SY = TN341 BK (2,500 pages)
SY = TN341 C/M/Y (1,500 pages)
HY = TN346 BK (3,500 pages)
HY = TN336 C/M/Y (4,000 pages)
Japan Region (Japan
SY = TN391 BK (2,500 pages)
SY = TN391 C/M/Y (1,500pages)
HY = TN396 BK (4,000 pages)
HY = TN396 C/M/Y (3,500 pages)

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