Bob’s Back!

Bob Schmidt (pictured) has joined Zhono Corporation’s North American team as Sales Director.

The well-known Aftermarket industry identity spent 21 years at Static Control Components (SCC) in Sanford, North Carolina. He held several management positions in both sales and marketing for domestic and overseas regions and was responsible for the dominant role SCC held in trade journals and trade shows.

China-based Zhono’s founder and CEO Jack Wang told RT Media, “Bob’s contract with SCC has expired so we were quick to grab him to utilize his loyalty, as well as his wealth of experience and knowledge about the global imaging industry.”

Wang established Zhono Corporation in 2004 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhono Electronic Technology Ltd. The company specializes in the development, production and sales of chips used in imaging devices such as copier cartridges and laser toner cartridges. It is recognized as a leading independent chip developer and supplier. “At a time when our industry is rapidly changing, where trusted suppliers of the past, can change to be aggressive competitors, we at Zhono, will continue to re-enforce our commitment to support and serve our global remanufacturing customer base.”

According to Wang, Schmidt will serve the company’s North American customers and develop more key relationships in the region.

“I joined Zhono because I can see that the development of high-quality chips is crucial to the success of the Aftermarket,” Schmidt told RT Media. “What impressed me the most about Zhono is their hard-working team effort to become the best independent chip developer and deliver new semiconductor products for the Aftermarket.” Schmidt added, “Zhono is not only recognized as a strong independent leader in chip development for this industry but has gained a reputation as a company you can trust. It’s a five-letter word that helps to differentiate Zhono from its peers.” He knows the key to success is to build meaningful relationships the old-fashioned way through trust, reliability and consistency in performance. “I can’t wait to get to work,” says Schmidt.

Zhono successfully launched the HP CF 400 series chips which were developed and manufactured in-house and offers a range of more than 5,000 chips for the copier and laser cartridge industry. Schmidt can be reached at or +1 919 647 9384

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