Survey of Accounting Firms Finds 63% are Mostly Paperless has completed a survey among its accountant customers regarding the use of paper in their daily work. The results reveal that “93% of respondents work remotely and there is a strong desire among respondents to go paperless.” Among respondents, “63% identified themselves as mostly paperless whereas almost 18% had already achieved a fully paperless environment.”

Located in Palo Alto, California, is a web-based service that automates tedious, time consuming bill workflow, bill payment, and business document filing tasks while keeping all of your information synchronized with popular accounting systems. provides services such as integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses. The survey was conducted among many large and small accounting firms.

Doug Sleeter, Founder and President, The Sleeter Group, said, “This survey tells a very clear picture—working remotely is the new normal and people want the flexibility of managing payments in the cloud. Combining paperless documents with cloud-based payment solutions not only saves time, but it also saves money, improves accuracy, and increases collaboration between accountants and their clients.”

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