Better Days Ahead

A publicly listed toner company in Malaysia is set to boom, following the release of its patented, environmentally friendly bio-toner.

According to The Star, the value of Jadi’s public shares had dropped due to profit being spent on research and development and expansion. Jadi has now solved earlier technical issues with the chemically produced toner thanks to some Japanese expertise.

Jadi’s Chairman and CEO, KS Liew told Recycling Times 98% of their toners are exported to distributors and cartridge remanufacturers in 70 countries.

The company now holds its own series of patents on the chemically based color toner which uses readily available palm oil.

Back in 2006, Jadi only had one factory but now it has four, including one in Suzhou, China.

The full story of the world’s first biotoner, called Palmotone, made from palm oil will be featured in the next edition of Recycling Times magazine featuring Jadi’s KS Liew on the front cover.

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