BEI Services Welcomes Imaging Expert

BEI Services has invited Ray Stasieczko to join their team.

“We are excited to Wes-McArtorwelcome Ray’s experience, energy, and innovative thinking. As we continue helping our customer partners grow profitably Ray’s experience and vision will prove beneficial.” Said Wes McArtor, President BEI Services.

Stasieczko has been a member of the imaging channel for nearly 30 years. From his early days in sales for Lanier Worldwide in Tampa Florida. Ray has owned and held senior leadership roles within the Dealer Channel. Before joining BEI Services Ray was working as an independent consultant, and recently he was named a “2017 ENX Difference Maker.” Ray enjoys writing about the industry and innovative disruption in general. Ray has been on the forefront of many of the changes the imaging channel has faced.

Ray-Stasieczko“I am excited to be welcomed on the BEI Services Team, A company who for the last 25 years has been the corner stone in helping the imaging channel develop, and maintain profitable service departments. Their proprietary software is award-winning. The analytics and detailed information gathered has provided benchmarks that have helped their many customers understand and implement best practices, practices which have saved organizations millions of dollars in operating cost while at the same time helping their customers deliver world class services. The imaging channel is facing many threats from innovation and changes in SMB business processes. BEI Services has the tools, technology and solutions to help our dealer and direct partners to continue understanding the shifts in the marketplace which allows for implementing needed changes in a proactive environment. I look forward to meeting all our BEI customers and welcoming those new clients who will be joining our family,” said Stasieczko.

“We must us all learn from our past and capitalize on that knowledge. This is what allows us a beneficial future.” Stasieczko stated.

Stasieczko is a speaker at the upcoming RemaxWorld Summit on October 11 in Zhuhai, China. He  spoke about the imaging channel at each of the RT Imaging events in Cairo and Cancun earlier this year.

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