Arrest of Two Sellers of Fake Printer Cartridges

Arrest of Two Sellers of Fake Printer Cartridges

The stationery store owners—Subhash Changa and Ishwarsingh Rao—were arrested for selling fake toners or postiche printer cartridges in Naupada, India on Apr. 13th.

After Intellectual Property Rights inspector Yogesh Chavan conducted unexpected checks on two stationery shops located in Thane’s Hariniwas, he filed a suit on finding differences with respect to color, printing, hologram and prices between fake ones and authentic ones, which led to the arrest of aforesaid two copyright-violators.

The senior police inspector of Naupada police station, Gajanan Kabdule, said, “The inspector, after verifying the authenticity of the toners on different parameters, found that the stationers were selling counterfeit toners labelled with the renowned company’s name.”

Later the case was filed in Naupada police station in reference to section 51 and 63 of the copy right act, and another person was booked in addition to the apprehension of those two stationers.

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