Arizona Attorney Files Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

Originally sourced from Legal NewsLine

Arizona attorney general targets ‘toner pirates’

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced an Arizona consumer fraud lawsuit Jan. 5 against NT Sourcing LLC, Premiere Office Supplies LLC, and their owner James R. Deremiah, for allegedly tricking consumers into paying for office supplies.

According to Brnovich’s office, the defendants would send fake toner cartridge invoices to churches, schools and business in the state. Many of these institutions would then accidentally sign off on the invoice as a routine business matter.

The scheme involved a telephone call where the defendants would pretend to be a legitimate business to obtain information about personnel and equipment. The defendants would then use this information to draft invoices. After the institutions signed off on the invoice, the defendants would allegedly send toner cartridges. The retail price of these toner cartridges would be much lower than what the institutions paid.

Brnovich’s office seeks consumer restitution, attorney fees and civil penalties for allegedly violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act. The lawsuit was filed in Maricopa County Superior Court.


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