Another Artist Showcases at Artify Gallery

According to UTec, Print-Rite launched Artify Gallery as an incubator for the art of contemporary print and paper works by talented designers. The Gallery is exhibiting the works of veteran advertisement and graphic artist Evan Wu from 12th May to 26th June 2014.

As was revealed, Evan draws inspirations from her daily surroundings, representing them in Chinese ink, rubbing and mixed media.  With a gifted sense of humour, Evan aspires for her works to provide the audience with an alternate taste of Hong Kong culture.

UTec explains that “the Gallery aims to collaborate with emerging artists to provide access to new methodologies for production, opening channels from contemporary photo printing to more traditional forms such as etching, lithography, ink art, silkscreen and woodblock printing”.

Cherry Ho, Director of Artify Gallery, says, “At the core of Artify’s ethos is the aim to build long term relationships with artists from the formative stage of their careers and as their practices develop. Through our platform, we also hope to increase access to the visual arts by running a series of educational programs that seek to bridge and enrich local communities.”

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