Another 3D Printing Center Commenced

Print-Rite Europe has announced the opening of its own 3D printing center, and local MP Nigel Mills is invited to officially declare the opening.

According to Print-Rite, this new 3D printing center owns six Print-Rite CoLiDo 3D printers. The printed products of a CoLiDo 3D printer vary from DIY products for home users, craft parts used for printing prototypes, to personalized goods.

This new 3D center is a creative place for people to print or draw 3D objects as well. For example, with the CoLiDo pen, people can draw the Eiffel tower, cake decorations, etc.

Nigel said, “It was fantastic to visit such an innovative company which is constantly striving to expand and diversify into new markets, and leading the way in new technologies and products.”

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