3D Printing Is Becoming the Breakthrough of Traditional Office Leaders’ New Business

According to the requirement of “Approval of Six Guangdong Professional Standardization and Technology Committees of Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Guangdong Province”, Guangdong 3D printing standardization and technology committee will be organized by the National Printing and Office Automation Consumable Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Zhuhai Printrite Co. and Recycling Times Media Corporation. The committee is mainly responsible for the standardization of the area of 3D printing equipment and consumable supplies, which means 3D printing has been widely used in the specific office environment and it is necessary to develop industry standards and norms. For the traditional office leaders, it seems that it is a trend to enter the field of 3D printing.

3D printing becomes a new growth point of traditional office leaders

Recently, Tokyo-based printing leader Fuji Xerox announced that the company plans to launch 3D printing service and cloud service in China later this year. As the largest provider of the office printers and document management solutions in the Asia-Pacific area, Fuji Xerox hopes to expand the business scope and concentrates on the advanced technological product and service. And the growing market of 3D printer in China will be greatly useful for achieving this goal.

At present, Fuji Xerox is going to enter the 3D printer market of China, which is growing at an amazing speed. According to the IDC report, the total shipment of 3D printer in China are expected to reach 440,000 units by 2020 (77,000 units by 2015).

At the same time, as the world’s leader of digital office solutions and document management service, Ricoh has entered the field of 3D printing since 2014. At the beginning, Ricoh was just the agency, and in 2015 it launched its first 3D printer Ricoh AM S5500P—an industrial SLS 3D printer. Recently, Ricoh is developing an inkjet-based 3D printing technology. Besides the metal, this new technology could produce other materials, such as glass and ceramics.

In addition, the other domestic office equipment companies like Lenovo and Aurora have the series of 3D printers.

3D printing+Internet, probably achieve the “Smart Office”

From above all, 3D printing service has become an integral part of the conceptual products of “Smart Office” for the tranditional office leaders. At the same time, these leaders have combined the Internet and concept for the diversified development. Besides the original office equipment and related hardware services, they launch 3D printer products and 3D printing cloud platform services combined with the Internet as the extending industrial chain, in order to break the single business model. Currently, 3D printing technology is widely used in intelligent office, primary and secondary education, cultural design and prototype production and other fields. 3D printers, three-dimensional scanners and other equipment are becoming the office equipment necessities of the enterprises in these fields.

The organizer of Guangdong 3D printing standardization and technology committee– Recycling Times Media Corporation will hold the 5th iPrint 3D Expo in Oct. 12-14 in Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center. This exhibition will be held in the same place and the same time with Remax World, the largest printing expo in the world. In this exhibition, the products of the whole industrial chain will be on display, including 3D printing equipment, three-dimensional scanning equipment and software, 3D printing supplies and 3D printing services. In addition, there will be lots of application cases of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Area to provide the full-set of intelligent office 3D printing solution and achieve the one-stop all-industry office supplies procurement services.


The 5th iPrint 3D Expo: Oct. 12-14, Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center

Please visit the website http://www.iprint3dexpo.com/ or follow the official wechat “iprint3dp” for more information.

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