230 Tons Printer Cartridges Recycled

In a cartridge recycling initiative, a single printer manufacturer in South Africa recycled more than 230 tons of printer cartridges since 2002, reducing an emissions of between 46,000 and 92,000 cubic meters, it-online.co.za reported.

Carbon Tax, which is expected to be implemented in South Africa in 2016, will compel companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 34%, and later by 42%. Simply by making use of eco-friendly technologies and recycling used printer cartridges and consumables can make a significant positive difference to an organization’s carbon footprint, a key consideration with the imminent promulgation of Carbon Tax.

A 2012 report from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), namely National Waste Information Baseline Report, reveals South Africans generate around 108 million tonnes waste per year, with 98 million tonnes of that ending up on landfill sites. This equates to a staggering amount of between 19,600,000,000 and 39,200,000,000 cubic meters of landfill gas generated by South Africa in a single year and only 10% of total waste is recycled.


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