Ninestar Enjoys Customs Clearance Priority

Ninestar Enjoys Customs Clearance Priority

After an accurate and strict audit conducted by the customs authorities, China-based Ninestar has been accredited as a Senior Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). The certification will benefit the company with simplified and speedy customs clearance procedures in 42 countries or regions that implemented Mutual Recognition of AEO programs.

Ninestar Enjoys Customs Clearance Priority

*Mr. Yan Wei (left), President of Ninestar Corporation, received the AEO certificate from Xiangzhou Customs

Ninestar Enjoys Customs Clearance Priority

*Ninestar awarded AEO certificate

AEO is a concept under the World Customs Organization (WCO) SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate global trade. The AEO certification will be granted by the customs authorities of each country to an excellent company that meets the criteria of compliance and internal control based on the WCO export and import supply chain safety management standards.

According to China General Administration of Customs, enterprises in China will be divided into a certified enterprise (under AEO), a general credit enterprise, and a faithless enterprise based on the enterprise credit status. Senior AEO certification is the highest credit rating.

Ninestar claims that with the Senior AEO certification, it is able to offer smoother and simpler customs clearance services for its customers by reducing documentary and physical checks. “It is believed that the AEO will be a helpful differentiator for Ninestar customers by providing them with simplified and efficient customs processing, improved transport security and the priority treatment at customs clearance,” so says the company.



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