Print-rite: More lawsuits filed for EP ‘289 Patent Family – How Aftermarket Cartridge Sellers Be IP Safe?

On April 29, 2019, Canon filed an amended complaint against one of the biggest aftermarket cartridge online sellers. This raises concern on IP issue in the industry again.

Print-rite has shared an article regarding the ‘646 patent. The article reads:

“The initial complaint of ‘646 patent infringement was filed by the OEM earlier on March 20, 2019, now the amended complaint added six additional patents. The ‘646 patent is part of a broader patent family (’289). The OEM has been getting Amazon to remove aftermarket toner cartridges models “CB540A” and “CB542A” sold by online cartridges sellers from Amazon marketplaces based on EP ‘289.

This IP issue is unlikely to be limited to one or two toner cartridges products or patents. It is estimated that there will be a wave of lawsuits filed by OEMs on the same patent family. All products under the same patent family are under threat. And from OEMs’ continuous actions, it can be foreseen that the OEMs will not stop at one or two patents, more patent lawsuits on other patent family are coming.

To avoid litigation and extra legal expenses, sellers should import IP safe toner cartridge products from suppliers such as Print-Rite to replace the products that is under threat in their hand. Print-Rite already has an IP safe solution on the ‘289 patent family (see more from The solution was launched to the market over 5 years ago and we have not received any quality or patent issue throughout these years.

This IP safe solution applies to the following products:

HPQ CB540~543A / CE320~323A / CF210~ 213A / CAN 131

HPQ CC530~533A / CE410~413A/ CF380~383A / CAN 118”

The company emphasized that with 38 years in the industry, Print-Rite has deep knowledge in R&D and IP. This knowledge allows them to develop IP safe products, and helps them to become one of the IP safe suppliers in the compatible consumable industry.

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