$1.76m Print Contract for 2018 Commonwealth Games

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Queensland, Australia, has received a $1.76m print contract for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

$1.76m Print Contract for 2018 Commonwealth Games

Four Queensland printer companies have been employed for the major contract in preparation for the Games held in Australia in April.

The printer companies contracted for the Games include Gold Coast companies, Fast Proof Press and Heaney’s Performers in Print, and Brisbane companies, CPX Printing & Logistics and IPG Connect.  These companies are known as the Panel of Providers for Provision of Printing Services.  They bid on specific print jobs presented by the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC).  GOLDOC then choose the successful bidder for the job.

One company contacted by Print21.com.au declined comment due to a confidentiality agreement, whilst another said work was already afoot: “They submit all the jobs to the panel and everyone quotes on it and then they choose. They’ve said they will try to share the work around and their decision won’t necessarily be based on the best price. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve got so far and some jobs are happening at the moment. We’ve done some large jobs and some small. There’s been a lot of quoting on things like brochures, handbooks for delegates, rule books and posters. Being on a panel keeps you keen but you have to pick the jobs you want.”

According to Print21.com.au, alternative signage deals are underway.  Brisbane’s Dot Dash secured a $213,000 contract from GOLDOC, whilst Datacom Systems, for $107,000, has agreed to supply HP Enterprise printers and software licenses.

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