New Association launched in India rtmworld

New Association Launched in India

New Association Launched in India

New Association launched in India rtmworldRT Media’s David Gibbons was a former Executive Officer of ACRA, the cartridge remanufacturers’ association based in Australia and New Zealand for a number of years. Gibbons was interested to learn of an initiative to start a new trade association in India. He spoke to Swapan Roy about a “much-needed trade association”, called Imaging Solutions Association of India (ISAI) that was announced at in New Delhi in November 2018.

Why is there a need to start ISAI?
Yes, ISAI is a ‘much-needed imaging industry trade association’ launched with the intention to effectively influence government policy and address industry issues and difficulties. As an important part of the imaging industry, we believed it is our moral and professional responsibility to take this initiative and play our part to bring the spirit of organization into the industry. We want to deal with the industry issues at both the domestic as well as international level.

How is ISAI different from other industry associations in India?

There are other imaging industry associations functioning in India, but due to the different needs of the imaging industry, we thought a bigger association with wider goals is needed to complement and support the efforts of the already existing associations. We want to motivate them and take the initiatives to a higher level. ISAI is founded in partnership with TEMA and CMAI, which are already well-established associations with over 25 years of presence in the industry and have strong connections with the government bodies and other entities.

What are the objectives and goals of this new association?

ISAI is being set up to promote, promulgate and popularize the concept of imaging as a mode of doing business across the industry verticals. The association aims to work closely with different stakeholders in the imaging industry on the issues related to government policies. We want to negotiate support that will favor the industry in such a way that its performance and efficiency will be enhanced and to ensure its smooth functioning. The ISAI’s goal is to act as a catalyst in increasing efficiency, bringing about consensus, networking, partnership, encouraging entrepreneurship, develop skills through professional training and governance.

What is your target membership? Can others outside of India be a part of it if they are interested in the Indian market?

We have just started working hard to spread the presence of ISAI across India in order to enlist as many members as possible. Of course we want imaging players from foreign countries to join ISAI as members too. We want to sign MoUs with foreign associations and map out how we can work together in a way that is mutually beneficial. An important part of our strategy is to give our best possible assistance to foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up imaging-related industries in India.

What do you expect to achieve in the first year?

Our first objective is to spread our presence across India, enlist as many members as possible, link up with existing imaging industry associations and “chalk out” a plan to encourage new initiatives, ideas, programs, etc.

What influence do you already have, and what do you expect to receive from the government?

The associations, TEMA and CMAI, with whom we have close links, have established links with government bodies and other industry organizations. By working closely with such established associations we want to strengthen the spirit of organization of the imaging industry. In the coming years, we want to create a level playing ecosystem where the issues related to the imaging industry can be effectively addressed to ensure the growth and performance of the industry and where industry players can operate confidently.

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