Eight Tips to Promote Your Business at RemaxWorld Expo

Eight Tips to Promote Your Business at RemaxWorld Expo

Eight Tips to Promote Your Business at RemaxWorld Expo

Companies around the world attend trade shows and expos to promote their brand and their product(s) & services. Each exhibitor will use a marketing fund for brand promotion & attend the shows. However, do you spend the money wisely? Do you want to know how can increase leads from these international events? Read on…

RemaxWorld Expo is a compelling marketing medium for print consumables enterprises because it brings together around 15,000 visitors and few hundred of exhibitors from all over the world in a particular period (3 days) in October each year.

But how can your company & brand stand out from hundreds of exhibitors in RemaxWorld?


In the following, which booth will attract you more?

Choose a unique theme & slogan for your booth and make it interesting, fun, and engaging. Attendees love the eye-catching design, informative literature, appealing giveaways, and engaging elements. Deliver your key sales and marketing messages in a creative way which will generate a higher volume of booth traffic.


Advertise your attendance at the trade show through a direct mail piece to confirmed attendees (or a targeted list drawn from the list of confirmed attendees); and announce it on your website, through email campaigns, in newsletters, on your blog, through social media sites, and in email signatures. Do it well and do it loud. It is all free, but you need to have a proper planning.


A contest or prize drawing is an excellent way to attract people to your booth. Choose a prize that relates to your business, products, or services; or a prize that has broad appeal to your current and potential customers.


Email or post “FREE Passes” to your existing VIP clients well before the Expo, inviting them to visit you at the Expo. Encourage them to forward invitations on your behalf to their clients and collogues to visit you at the Expo with an offer of a special gift of a discount off your product or service. Besides, RemaxWorld will help to prepare the VIP badge, especially for your VVIP.


The presence of social media is undeniable, they are low-cost (some of these platforms are completely free), and they are often the first place visitors go to share information. Take Facebook as an example. If you have a brand page (and you should), use it to promote the show. Link with the show’s page for added exposure, and “friend” attendees through Facebook Groups. It will create an audience for your future new product, and for future exhibits.


Make use of the organiser’s promotion channels. Invest a banner in its promotional materials which will lead to accurate & more visitors to your booth.


On-Site Promotions are key to showing the public your company is approachable, and your products are relatable. Off-line promotion includes print materials, like Show Guide, which will be delivered to every visitor; Official Seminar, which gives a chance to publish your new product & technology in an open way; Truss Advertising Board, which strikingly show your brand image etc.


Set goals for yourself and your trade show booth staff. Create a list of objectives in order of their importance. Team discussions should yield methods of achieving those objectives and help everyone to focus on making the most important ones. Examples of objectives could be: collect “X” number of sales leads with a leads qualification survey; coordinate “X” number of sales demonstrations; or gather research on competitor brands.




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