Y Soft to Have New Manufacturing Facility

Y Soft to Have New Manufacturing Facility

Y Soft to Have New Manufacturing Facility

Y Soft to expand and open new manufacturing facility

Y Soft, a leading enterprise workflow solution provider, is to move its production facility from its headquarters building in Brno, to a nearby, larger facility in the Brno Technology Park.

The new, expanded facility will enable increased manufacturing capacity and high quality production infrastructure to support the company’s current increased growth and its future plans. The larger facility also helps Y Soft support the manufacturing of IoT related products from its Y Soft Venture’s portfolio companies.

Y Soft manufactures complementary hardware solutions for its YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Workflow Solution Platform. In the last year, demand for these hardware solutions has increased by more than 21 percent. In particular, demand for its USB Card readers has been significant.

The new manufacturing facility is 1,200 square meters, three times larger than the current production area in the headquarters office. The new facility is situated near the company headquarters building ensuring that R&D and design teams can continue to closely collaborate with manufacturing personnel. The teams in ordering and logistics will also move to the new facility.

“As a strategic differentiator, Y Soft has always manufactured our own hardware to ensure quality and compatibility with our software solutions. With this long-term strategy commitment, increased demand and to future proof our ability to innovate on hardware solutions, we needed to secure additional capacity and capabilities,” said Vaclav Muchna, CEO and co-founder, Y Soft.

The new facility offered an opportunity for the most modern manufacturing machinery and enhanced technology for continual improvement. The production line will be 7 -10 times faster and each individual manufacturing machine will be connected to a central database so that data from all phases of production for every single product unit can be recorded and analyzed.

“For example, we will be able to monitor and analyze the historical production data of every part of a printed circuit board at very detailed levels to seek ways to improve quality and manufacturing efficiency,” says Marcel Fejtek, COO and Head of Manufacturing, Y Soft.

The company plans to be fully operational in the new facility by the end of October. An official opening event will be held in early November where local city dignitaries, community leaders, and other interested parties can tour the facility and learn more about Y Soft’s manufacturing capabilities.

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