Xerox CEO: We Are Not Looking to Sell

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns has revealed more about the company’s future in her first extended public interview since announcing the split plan.

During Tuesday’s Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Burns had a 30-minute conversation in which she predicted how well Xerox would perform financially in 2016.

When asked her prediction on Xerox’s financial performance in 2016, Burns expected a business-as-usual year. “We expect our revenue to be down 2 (percent) to 4 percent for the year, with business process outsourcing flat to up 3 (percent).

Burns confirmed the positive result from the ACS acquisition, and she also acknowledged to grow outside of the United States “was much more difficult” than thought.

According to, Xerox had announced a $2.4 billion cut in operations during the next three years to back up the company split. Burns said that Xerox has investments that it won’t be able to bail on, but there’s likely an opportunity to scale back in corporate leadership.

Confronting the tough question as to whether to sell the two new companies, Burns answered: “We’re still not pursuing an outright sale of the company.” However, Burns added that any reasonable offer would be considered if someone approached her.

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