Why Fight On Price Anymore?

In recent times the price war being fought by the printer cartridge Aftermarket has become as fierce than ever, causing a decrease in corporate profits. Many are faced with a dilemma wondering if there is any way out other than continuing to lowering prices.

At the same time, OEMs continue to raise prices, introduce more models, and tie up their customers with lucrative, long term Managed Print Services (MPS). Through the MPS business model, consumers are provided with solutions to improve the efficiency of their overall printing, helping them to improve business process and optimize the existing structure. At the same time, OEMs effectively strengthen the dependence of their clients while squeezing the general consumables market to some extent.

The Aftermarket suppliers of print consumables are not necessarily missing out. MPS does present a new market opportunity for them as well. Already some remanufacturers have forged relationships with OEM partners providing them with non-infringing, quality products and preferential prices for those other branded printers where the OEM needs supply.

At the RT Imaging Summit-Asia 2015, in Zhuhai (during RemaxWorld Expo) Maggie Tan (pictured), Program Director of IDC Asia/Pacific, will focus on How MPS is evolving in Asia/Pacific to help the industry explore new business opportunities.

The advent of e-commerce has also shaken traditional sales models. The traditional retail industry is under an unprecedented threat, especially with the retail trade of print consumables.

Some remanufacturers have viewed e-commerce sites as only adding to the price wars. They simply drop their prices further in an attempt to seize the market. Yet others have used the Internet to expand their sales channels and won more customers and provided added value with great after sales service—a weakness of the e-commerce channel.

At the RT Imaging Summit-Asia 2015, in Zhuhai (during RemaxWorld Expo), Ian Elliott (pictured) will analyze why e-commerce works for some and not for others. Note that the Zhuhai Summit will be held over two half-days during the RemaxWorld Expo on 15-16 October, 2015. For more information, please visit www.irecyclingtimes.com.


Speaker profile: 

Maggie Tan
Program Director, Imaging, Printing & Document Solution, IDC Asia/Pacific
Maggie Tan is a Program Director with IDC’s Asia/Pacific Imaging, Printing and Document Solution (IPDS) group. Based in Malaysia, Maggie drives the research and consulting agenda across various segments of IPDS in 14 different countries in Asia/Pacific. Specifically, she looks into how printing workflow has evolved from desktop to industrial printing from mature to emerging countries in Asia/Pacific.
Maggie has more than fifteen years of experience in the IPDS arena, particularly for Large Format Printers, Printer Consumables and Page Volume research.  Prior to joining the Asia/Pacific team, Maggie was the head of ASEAN research, overlooking the research team from IT to communication research for Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Ian Elliott
With over 30 years of executive level experience within the printing, imaging and aftermarket industries, Mr. Elliott’s vast portfolio covers sales, distribution, reverse logistics/asset recovery, business development, executive consulting and management services, with a strong focus on manufacturing and logistics. With a 15 year executive tenure within Nu-kote International and now serving as President of Print-Rite North America, Mr. Elliott is well versed in aftermarket manufacturing innovation, patents and intellectual property.
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