West Point Products Wins MPS Credential

West Point Products (Washington, PA) announced it has received the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark for its best practices of quality managed print service (MPS) delivery and a high level of customer service in its Axess MPS suite of products and services.

Nancy Hammervik, Senior Vice President, industry relations at CompTIA, voiced her comments, “This credential identifies West Point Products’ Axess MPS program as a managed print program that allows the company’s resellers to run their MPS business in a manner aligned with industry’s best practice.”

The company’s Axess MPS suite was released in 2009 and now has grown into the most complete suite of MPS products and services in the industry. Over the past year, the company added to its remote monitoring capabilities the Axess TCO Calculator and Proposal Generator, the AxessSalesPro training tool, technical support and service dispatch, as well as Axess Express. Axess has become one of the largest, third-party MPS platforms in the industry because of its flexibility and easy use.

Ray Loisel, Senior Vice President of MPS at West Point Products said, “We set the goal for ourselves to make the Axess suite of products and services the most cutting-edge, third party MPS platform. Being recognized with the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark is a powerful indicator to the dealer community that this program is really at the forefront of the industry.”

The CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark is designed to qualify and differentiate organizations providing print services via a managed services business model. Companies seeking it are evaluated in a few areas, including  internal practices and procedures used to run business, and external activities and operations.

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