Urban Alps’ Metal 3D Printed Stealth Key goes Large-scale Industrialization

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Urban Alps’ Metal 3D Printed Stealth Key goes Large-scale Industrialization

SLM Solutions co-founder Henner Schöneborn is joining Swiss start-up UrbanAlps, developer of the Stealth Key, in order to take world’s first 3D metal printed key toward full-scale industrialization. As co-founder of SLM Solutions, Germany, CTO and Member of the Management Board, Henner was until June 2018 the key driver of SLM’s Additive Manufacturing and Powder Bed Technology innovations. As a CEO of SLM Software JV, Henner was/is also responsible for the ADDITIVE Intelligence Suite.

UrbanAlps will benefit from Henner´s expertise to design its Advanced Additive Production Center and his support of the management Team for driving the Stealth Key towards large-scale industrialization.

“When I saw the first Stealth Key, a couple of years ago, I was fully convinced by the idea and knew this would become the next disruptive type of a mass production device: 1000´s of complex and individually manufactured parts – ideal for Additive Technologies with an enormous growth potential. I´m proud to get the opportunity of becoming part of the entrepreneurial Team”.

Alejandro Ojeda, inventor of the Stealth Key and CEO from UrbanAlps: “I was impressed by Henner´s immediate commitment the moment he grabbed a Stealth Key in his hands. Henner is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the AM world. His insight, vision, and expertise will take Stealth Key to the next level. We are truly honored and very excited to have such an important figure in the AM industry on our board.”

UrbanAlps specializes in high-tech security solutions in the mechanical lock and key sector. Their unique, patented Stealth Key is the world’s first 3D metal printed key with unparalleled levels of key duplication security. At the core of the company is an advanced engineering laboratory based in Zürich, Switzerland which aims to change the lock industry with cutting-edge manufacturing technology that employs 3D metal printing techniques.

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