Turning Waste into Gold—Literally

Turning Waste into Gold—Literally

A Taiwanese company is turning electronic waste into liquid gold.

Super Dragon Technology (SDTI), based in Taoyuan City, Taipei, provides industrial waste disposal services for electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics and printed circuit-board industries, using techniques and equipment from Germany and Japan.

SDTI uses chemical or electrolysis processes to extract the gold, which is converted into liquid gold, refined gold sand, or gold bars.

Due to environmental concerns, the Taiwanese government is limiting the operations from expanding. However, the company claims that the factory processing the waste does no harm to the surroundings.

The company also claims that its Suzhou-based subsidiary, Super Dragon Environmental Technology, has obtained a waste operating license from the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

Source: www.koreatimes.co.kr/

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