Three U.S. Companies Confronted with Seizure and Forfeiture Orders

On the same day, the USITC* has issued three seizure and forfeiture orders against three different U.S. companies.

According to copies of documents, dated on July 11, provided to RT Media, California-based  Parcel Pack Express violated GEO 337-TA-691 with their attempt to import certain inkjet supplies and components into the United States. The other Californian-based company, Emerald Recycling LLC, which intended to import certain inkjet ink cartridges with print heads and components, violated GEO 337-TA-723. Inscribe Inc. based in Massachusetts allegedly violated GEO 337-TA-565 as it attempted to import inkjet cartridge and components concerned.

The U.S. Customs has denied all attempts of these companies to import the allegedly infringing inkjet supplies into the United States. Accordingly, the USITC* issued seizure and forfeiture orders to each company.

* The USITC is an abbreviated form for the United States International Trade Commission

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