Things You Don’t Know about Paper

One of the most valuable goods we use today, is paper. In fact we would go back to the Dark Ages if our world was free from magazines, letters, books, posters, leaflets, and, most shocking of all, toilet paper.

According to the UK-based Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), Britain consumed 9 million tonnes of paper, equal to forty giant cruise ships, in 2015.

However, 4 million tonnes was produced in UK, while the other 5 million came from recycled sources both in UK and foreign countries thanks to an increased consciousness of recycling. Despite the swing to recycled products, the Forestry Commission says that more than a half of trees in UK are cut down to create paper and cards while only 10,000 to 20,000 sheets of paper can be produced by one tree. The demand for disposable, paper nappies/diapers consumes 7 million trees every year, and around one third of paper-based domestic waste is thrown away.

However, if we were to recycle just one tonne of paper, we could save 3,000 litres of water or have enough electricity to power a three bedroom house for a year. What’s more, printer paper is durable enough to be recycled 6 times.

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