The Design of Color Toners

Dr. Edul N. Dalal has over 30 years of experience in corporate research at Xerox Corporation, where he held several engineering, management and strategic leadership positions. He retired from Xerox at the end of 2013, having served as Technical Manager, Principal Scientist, and Research Fellow. He has extensive experience in many aspects of electrophotographic color printing, with a special focus on color science and image quality. His areas of specialization include: design and formulation of color toners; gloss and color specification and tolerances; and instrumental, perceptual and preference aspects of image quality quantification and optimization. Dr. Dalal has focused on research, innovation and intellectual property throughout his career, with 87 U.S. patents issued and 23 additional patent applications pending, as well as over 40 technical publications. Dr. Dalal is available for consultation in the areas of his expertise.

This is a multi-part Series meant to serve as a Tutorial on color toners with its primary focus on colorimetric design. Subsequent parts will discuss color models, materials, manufacturing, functional requirements and design parameters.

Part 1 is an introduction to electrophotography.

Part 2 is a part of a tutorial series on color toners with a primary focus on colorimetric design.

We also plan to publish the combined series in a single volume later in 2015. Please contact the editor or Dr Ed Dulal to obtain a copy. Dr. Dalal can be contacted by email at:

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