Static Control Unveils Redesigned Replacement Chips for HP Printers

Static Control (SCC) announced the launch of redesigned, replacement chips for HP 932/933 and 950/951 ink jet cartridges. The company believes that the new design allows remanufacturers to easily install the chip without the use of specialized tools or the need to modify the cartridge. The new chips also “eliminate the potential for damage to the printer contacts”.

As revealed, the new chips, with SCC’s patented ink gauge solution, will not violate HP’s patents. In addition, “these chips provide full functionality and correct toner messaging”.

According to SCC, HP 932/933 and 950/951 inkjet cartridges are used for HP printers, including the Officejet® 6100, 6600, 6700, 7100 and 7600 series of printers, and the Officejet Pro 200, Pro 8100 and Pro 8600 series of printers. SCC commented that “HP has made a strong push for ink jet printers to be used in the office environment and has been gaining traction according to some industry analysts”.

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