Static Control Launches First Wave of Products for 2015

Static Control has launched its first product release of this year, featuring toner solutions, a new Odyssey® mag roller and a unique shipping lock solution.

Odyssey toner for use in cartridges for HP M225 and Canon MF229 printers was launched. The company claims this toner provides OEM-comparable performance when used with a full Static Control build, including the doctor blade, mag roller and PGDRHP1505-2 OPC drum. Odyssey toner for use in cartridges for the HP 2600 printer was also released.

An Odyssey mag roller for use in cartridges for HP M806 printers was also introduced. This Odyssey mag roller is recommended in both dedicated M806 (CF325X) empties and converted C8543X cartridges when used in the M806.

Apart from that, a new cartridge end cap removal system for use in cartridges for HP M806 and 9000 printers was released. SCC said the removal system allows remanufacturers to easily remanufacture these cartridges without damaging the cartridge core.

Also unwrapped was an Odyssey Toner for use in Lexmark C534 cartridges.

A ten kilogram bulk offering of Odyssey toner for use in Samsung ML-3051 cartridges was released. A one kilogram offering of Odyssey toner for use in Samsung CLT-x406S and x506S cartridges was released. All of these toners were previously released in dedicated fill weight bottle sizes and provide excellent image density.

Also launched were an Odyssey OPC drum for use in Dell 5330 cartridges and a replacement wiper blade for use in Ricoh SP 3500/3510 cartridges. Replacement chips for use in regionalized cartridges for Xerox WorkCentre™ 4150 were also unwrapped.

A shipping lock for use in newer-style aftermarket Samsung MLT-D208 cartridges was released. SCC noted the newer style cartridges have partially exposed PCR saddles. This shipping lock separates the PCR from the OPC drum during storage to prevent damage to the surface of these vital components. It is recommended to use this lock with the LEXCWRAP-L for protection during storage and unpacking.

Static Control says it launched more than 800 products in 2014 and now has more than 1,000 products in development.


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