Statement to Recharger Subscriber

Dear Subscriber,

You may have read the news last month from 1105 Media, the publishers of Recharger Magazine, that they will no longer be publishing and distributing the magazine.

As a result of negotiations with 1105 Media, Recycling Times Media is pleased to be able to honor your ongoing subscription with its Recycling Times news and views magazine.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcoming you to our community of readers across the globe each month.  You may be interested to know that apart from English we also have a hard copy edition in Spanish, Chinese and Korean as well.

Our international pool of editors and writers, many of whom are in North America, are working tirelessly to put information into your hand you will not find anywhere else, certainly in the one place. This is information you need to help your business not only survive, but to thrive!

We look forward to receiving you ideas, suggestions and comments on how we can continue to deliver the best magazine for the aftermarket print consumables industry.

Your feedback can be sent directly to Senior Consulting Editor Art Diamond ( or Director David Gibbons ( or Editor Doris Huang ( If you have any questions about the magazine subscription, you can also contact Joy He (

Can I also invite you to visit our website to watch the weekly TV News, to engage with breaking news each day, and to find out more about our world class expo (the largest in the world for print consumables).

Again, thank you.  Enjoy reading the magazine you now hold in your hands.

Tony Lee
Recycling Times Media Corporation

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