Staples UK Rebrands

Staples’ retail chain in the UK, with a new owner, now faces rebranding following the acquisition.

The process to rebrand the name to Office Outlet has begun, according to OPI. Besides the name, the stores also expect a huge overhaul including the installation of a new EPOS system, although the traditional red and white color of Staples may be preserved, reports Retail Week.

Back in early January, 2017, the official name of the company was already changed from Staples Retail UK to SUK Retail. However, Hilco has not officially announced the name change or the details on how many stores will remain open, according to a report by OPI. 

Hilco Capital acquired Staples UK’s retail chain last year without keeping the Staples’ name as part of the deal. Media has since suspected that the Hilco will run the network under a new name. The changed name, Office Outlet, may suggest that the new retail chain will run with more discounts, as was reported by OPI.

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