Staples Canada Fulfills Sustainability Objectives in 3Q2013

Office products superstore Staples Canada declared its sustainability accomplishments for the third quarter of 2013 (3Q2013)—with its recycling and energy efficiency program goals—has been achieved. Staples reported it has collected 625,230 ink and toner cartridges, 908.73 metric tons of electronics and 6,279 writing instruments, during 3Q2013.

Also, the company has diverted 71,370 Kg of batteries from landfills via its program in partnership with Call2Recycle. In 3Q2013, more than 23,630 Kg of batteries were saved from landfills, an increase of 44.3% over 3Q2012. In addition, Staples realized a 3.66% decrease in energy consumption in 3Q2013 over 3Q2012, Staples Canada continues to conserve energy by reducing overall energy costs, and by diversifying energy sources.

Staples revealed it will continue to provide customers with alternative, eco-responsible products, such as Forest Stewardship Council Certified paper, and products with recycled content. Plus, the company looks for products which bear independent environmental certifications, such as Rainforest Alliance and Energy Star. In addition to over 3,400 products with at least one eco-attribute in-store, the company offers its Brand Forest Stewardship Council certified multiuse copy paper, and alternative fiber copy papers including Sustainable Earth, and Step Forward Paper.

Pete Gibel, Vice President of Merchandising at Staples Canada and Chair of the Staples Canada Environmental Committee, asserted, “Our long-term commitment to growing our business in a sustainable manner and reducing our impact on the environment is a top priority for Staples. We’re thrilled that our sustainability programs continue to grow and make a positive impact.”

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