Shredded Waste Paper Can Be Reused in Minutes

Epson claims it has developed the world’s first system to turn shredded waste paper into new usable paper, without the use of water, in just minutes.

Businesses and government offices that install an Epson PaperLab in a backyard area will be able to produce paper of various sizes, thicknesses, and types, from office paper and business card paper to paper that is colored and scented as well.

With the paperless office still not on the horizon, Epson has developed the technology to recycle the process in the office, more efficiently and quickly.

Epson’s PaperLab uses dry fiber technologies, including: fiberizing, binding, and forming. Those offices that install a PaperLab will be able to break confidential documents down into paper fibers, so the information on the pages is completely and securely destroyed. In addition, it is environment-friendly, as it makes paper without the use of water, which is quite novel compared with traditional paper-making techniques.

Epson plans to put the new “PaperLab” into commercial production in Japan in 2016, with sales in other regions at a later date.

A prototype of the PaperLab will be on display at the Epson booth at Eco-Products 2015, an environmental exhibition at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, from December 10 to 12.

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