Short Film Goes Viral in India

An animated film that explains the benefits of remanufactured cartridges is being pushed on social media and communication channels in India.

Harish Lalwani (pictured) from the Mumbai-based Instafil cartridge remanufacturing store cannot believe the attention the short film is getting.

Lalwani was one of two partners who started the Insta Impex business in 1989 as a small startup venture. He told RT Media, “In a country where inkjet cartridge fillers sit on every street corner, its not easy to convince customers they should pay more for anAftermarket product—even though remanufacturing promises a better quality print, better yield as well as being environmentally more responsible.”

These are the issues Lalwani addresses in his short animation film. His strategy is to circulate the film using the WhatsApp application so that many more will see it on their mobile devices, easily while they are travelling to and from work.

“This short film is fun so that’s why it is so popular.  And the message is clear.” The film uses colorful images, and uses an easy to understand Indian English voice speaking using quaint Indian expressions.


RT Media has been given the rights to put the video onto YouTube and its own social media channels to help share the great message of the film.  Go to to watch the film.

Insta was the first company in India to use the “kiosk” model for remanufacturing. Customers can drop of their cartridges to be remanufactured and can watch the process from behind a glass screen.



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