Sharp Unveils Cloud-Ready Multi-Functional Printers

Sharp has launched four new cloud-enabled multi-functional printers (MFPs).

The tech vendor said cloud would enable the devices to progress from simply printing to being “fully network integrated information systems.”

The MX-5141N, MX-5140N, MX-4141N and MX-4140N all do the usual printing, copying and scanning, but Sharp said their main differentiator is how they can use the cloud to integrate with office information workflow systems.

The new MFPs, which feature output speeds of up to 51 pages per minute in colour as well as black and white, feature full and immediate access to the cloud.

Each one will feature a large control panel that provides full internet access for research or checking last minute emails and attachments.

“The explosive growth of smartphones, tablets, wireless technologies and, most importantly, the cloud, has changed the way that people expect to access and use information,” said Tom Primett, UK product marketing manager at Sharp.

“MFPs have to be part of that evolution. Sharp is taking an active role in driving their transformation from simple document creation and management devices to machines which can find and serve essential business information on demand.”

The devices will allow users to to print from or scan to smartphones or tablets, he added, and include features from its other multi-functional machines such as user authentication, secure data encryption and erasure as well as workflow automation.

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