Sharp Plans to Cut 5,000 Jobs

Sharp Corp. is planning to shrink by shedding 5,000 jobs, or approximately 10% of its workforce worldwide, and reducing salaries in Japan, reported Japan Times.

In Japan, it is expected to cut 3,000 of its 24,000 employees under a voluntary early retirement program. The remaining 2,000 layoffs will be disposed chiefly through restructuring, like closing its television plant in Mexico.

The cuts shall cost Sharp about ¥30 billion (US$250.74 million) in additional restructuring charges. The size of the layoffs matches the one made in Sharp’s early retirement program in 2012, when more than 2,900 employees were dismissed with about ¥25 billion (US$208.95 million) in retirement related expenses.

The plan comes as the result of Sharp’s goal to post a group net loss of around ¥200 billion (US$167.16 million) for the business year ending March 31.



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