Seiko Epson Enters 3D Printing

Originally written and published by Charles Goulding at
HP and Seiko Epson’s DNA and the Evolution of 2D Printing to 3D Printing

Seiko Epson has become the latest company to announce a foray into 3D printing, following in the footsteps of rival HP. According to, Seiko Epson will be able to utilize its piezoelectric technology in 3D printing, as it is particularly well suited to liquid applications. That’s on the good news front.
On the potentially bad news front is the fact that while Seiko Epson’s 2D printing business, like HP’s, is a mature one, its 3D printing foray will require a lot of investments and a new management system, if the Japanese printer maker wants to be able to keep up with its larger rival. Yet, given that it has been developing its 3D printer for five years and not talking about it much, chances are it has prepared to take on HP, even if not exactly as an equal.

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