Remanufacturing Guide: Samsung Xpress SL-M2620 MLT-115L Toner Cartridge

The Samsung Xpress M2620 series of printers are based on a 27-29 ppm engine (depending on the printer) with a maximum resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi. The first page out is stated to be under 8.5 seconds.

The MLT-D115L cartridges do not have a built in drum cover. They come new with a special removable 2 piece plastic drum cover/shield. This seems to be the new norm for Samsung in that they used to use a heavy paper with foam glued to it to protect the drum. This new cover also clips into the base of the PCR holders so that during storage, the PCR is not touching the drum. This will help prevent flat spots on the PCR.

These cartridges have plastic rivets that need to be cut off, holes drilled and screws installed to hold them back on. It’s not a hard process and it’s covered completely in the instructions.

The toner cartridge (Samsung Part # MLT-D115S) is rated for 3,000 pages. There is not a LY cartridge available for this series. As with pretty much all cartridges these days the cartridge has a chip and it has to be replaced each cycle. The OEM chips are regional so be sure to get the proper chip for your region.

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