Samsung to ‘Smartify’ Business Printers

“Work smarter, not harder” has been the mantra of businesses for years. Samsung Electronics is aiming to show that the philosophy can travel all the way down to the printer.

A new business-to-business marketing campaign from Minneapolis agency Yamamoto uses the tagline, “Smartify your business,” to showcase how the printers provide flexibility to make business operations smarter. Among the solutions: the world’s only printer that uses the Google Android operating system for seamless connection to Samsung smartphones.

“We are really looking to demonstrate to the marketplace, the capabilities we can provide [to make them] more productive,” Ed Abrams, vice president of marketing at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division, tells Marketing Daily. “Not that you know your phone is smart, why can’t your printer solution be as well?”

Along those lines, the campaign demonstrates how the printers deliver a seamless experience, enabling employees to print, scan and copy from anywhere. A print ad, for instance, touts the Android-powered printer as one that “can grow and adapt to fit your needs.” A businessman considering the printer is surrounded by imagery such as a dollar sign, a cloud, a smartphone (with the word “easy” next to it), and a dual-core CPU.

“We’re not talking about technology for technology’s sake,” Abrams says. “We’re talking about how our technology will work to solve your problems.”

The campaign includes print, video, infographics, email, animated banner ads, white papers and social media elements. It will run globally in markets such as the U.S. U.K., France, Germany, Italy, China and Brazil. The campaign is targeting IT managers as well as the “end users” of the printers. Samsung has also identified the K-12 education, healthcare and financial sectors in targeting the campaign.

(Source: MediaPost)

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