Samsung ML-2855/SCX-4828 Toner Cartridges

Samsung ML-2855/SCX-4828 Toner Cartridges

The Samsung ML-2855/SCX-4828 printers are based on a 30 ppm, 1200 dpi engine. The first page out is stated to be under 8.5 seconds, and the printer comes standard with 64MB of memory, (Expandable to 192MB). Duplexing is also built in. The SCX multi function machines are print/copy/scan and fax capable.

These cartridges do not have a drum cover, and come new with a piece of heavy paper taped around the cartridge. All new cartridges opened so far have shown some toner leakage on the drum that would have shown on any prints for at least a few pages.

The standard cartridge Samsung part# MLT-D209S (MLT-2092S EU) is rated for 2,000 pages. The HY cartridge Samsung part# MLT-D209L (MLT-2092L EU) is rated for 5,000 pages. As with pretty much all cartridges these days the cartridge has a chip and it has to be replaced each cycle.

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